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Reason number….. (I don’t know, but its high!) that I love Korea – STRAWBERRY SEASON!

Unlike the UK Korea definitely has fruit seasons during which time the prices hit rock bottom, we just got to strawberry time, and its fair to say I'm overdosing, but then its hard not to at 3000won (about £1.50) for a kilo!

I decided the other day that I had to make the most of the prices and buy a lot, after all it wont be too long before they disappear again and can only be found for crazy amounts of money; by crazy I mean that only a few weeks ago the same quantity, that I’m paying 3000won for now, in my local shop cost upwards of 25000won (£14).  Freezing them, with the minimal freezer space I have, isn’t an option, so I decided to try my hand at strawberry jam!  I made plum jam last year and it turned out great – how much harder could strawberry jam be?  Quite a bit it turns out!

I looked at all different recipes on the internet, and pretty much every single one used preserving sugar or pectin, or both.  I figured there was no point in even going looking in the shops for some (although maybe I should have as I discovered the other day that my local Lotte Mart now stocks gelatin sheets, its getting more western by the day!) and opted instead for hoping that a couple of lemons would add enough pectin for it to set.

I tested for the setting point lots of times, and I'm not too sure if I past it, never reached it, or was never going to reach it without the pectin, but what I've ended up with is a semi set strawberry compote.......not that I mind, it still tastes amazing stirred into a bowl of porridge!

Update 18th April 2012

My second batch (that I had to make because I just couldn’t eat the berries I bought quickly enough!) turned out to be much more jam like!  I don’t know if it’s because I boiled it harder for longer, or if it’s because of the grated apple I added to the boiling mix, either way it’s definitely jam this time 🙂

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